To start contest you must Register to open an account in topcoder.

Then you have to download ContestAppletProd.jnlp to take part in the contests. To download this go to this page and click on “Launch Arena” on the leftside.

After completing download you are ready to start participating on contests. You have to register for any contest before 5 minutes of starting of the contest. You have to login on topcoder by this applet.

Before starting contest we must learn enough. Tutorials is the best tutorial I have seen.

To know about contest Rules HELP

1. You have not to submit your main(). you have to submit just the header files and the class part.

using namespace std;

class ToastXRaspberry{

int apply(int upper_limit, int layer_count){

return 1;

int x=layer_count/upper_limit;


return (x);

Class name and method name will be given in the problem description.

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