Use automator to make you ready to start office at one click

For the current pandemic situation of Korona, my office has started WFH situation. The IT team did a very good a job and prepared the infastructure very quickly. They had to provide VPN connection to all of the employees. They had to ensure connectivity as well as availability of the VPN connection also. HRs or office staffs are doing a very good job on starting office pcs daily basis. So, we are doing our job from home (login into the office pc through office VPN). That’s Great, Right?

The problem I am facing now, and I am sure lots of other users will face the same issue, is to start chrome, open slack, open gmail, open teams and other required web URLs in the browser at first. So, here I built a workflow using Automator through which all of the tasks will be started automatically on one click.

As I am a MAC user, so, the script has been build on Automator (a built in software that comes with mac). The same kinda thing can be built in Mac, Unix and Windows also.

The workflow is:
* Open Chrome with UserProfile named “Profile 1” and open facebook, gmail, slack, team (one of my project) URLS
* Switch to another space
* Open Chrome with another UserProfile named “Profile 2” and open teams (another project of mine), issue tracker of that project

Attached is the output of my automator. Anyone can use it by extracting the *.app, moving it to Applications folder and then use it as regular app.

To edit the workflow:
* Start “Automator”
* Click on “Open an Existing Document”
* Select “”
* Edit and Save

This workflow can be started from launcher, or even you can bind a keypress to initiate the workflow execution.

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