Converting a .JAR Into .EXE for WIndows user

We, the Java developers, develop softwares using Java because of it’s platform independency . Though now-a-days JDK is available to users,we usually provide JAR file of the software to the user.So, users can start it with only a double click. But  still some windows users prefere .exe version of that software. So, now I am going to tell you about a software by which we can convert a .jar file to .exe for windows user.

Before starting this we must read these two posts carefully.

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We will use Jar to exe convert wizard 1.8 to convert  our jar files to exe.


Step 1 : Install the software and run the wizard.

Step 2:  Browse project.jar and press next.

Step 3: Select Console application or Windows gui application

Step 4: Select the Main class from where the software will start and keep “select a picture for splash window” blank.

Step 5: enable Support System tray and disable all others disable. [or, you can change as your requirements.]

Step 6: Add others Jars you have used like mysql-connector.jar . Usually these are on project/dist/lib/ if you are using Netbeans IDE. 

Step 6:  press Next and Finish.

Step 7 : We got the converted exe file of our jar file.


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JAVA [creating Jar files]

To create a jar file execute this command given below

jar cf jar-file input-file(s)
//input files are .class files and extra files you have used like music,jars etc.

For more you can see this Creating JAR files
After creation you must specify the main class using manifest.

Ways to update a jar file with manifest……
I have created a text file as manifest like aaa.txt which contains

[Code]Main-class: Mainclassname
//a new line or enter must be pressed after Mainclassname before saving

Updating a jar file with main class, you have to move the jar file to the BIN folder of JDK. Then using the command propmt executed the commands given below:

jar umf aaa.txt calender.jar
jar xvf calender.jar
Now double-click on your JAR file….

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