Top X rated products for Virtuemart Joomla 2.5

As one of my client upgraded his site from joomla 1.5 to 2.5 .Everything was ok but top rate product module was for only joomla 1.5/1.7 version. So, He told me to find a suitable module for Display top rated products. I have searched a lot but didn’t get any working module for solving this.So, I have decided to create a module. So ,I learn’t how to create a simple module for joomla 2.5 from here converted the code(top rated module for 1.5) for Joomla 2.5. As database structure in 2.5 is changed from 1.5/1.7 I had to play with SQL queries. Here is the module .You can use this and let me know reviews.


  1. Its easy to use
  2. Can be defined the number of top products to display

Download this module from here .
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Example :

Converting a .JAR Into .EXE for WIndows user

We, the Java developers, develop softwares using Java because of it’s platform independency . Though now-a-days JDK is available to users,we usually provide JAR file of the software to the user.So, users can start it with only a double click. But  still some windows users prefere .exe version of that software. So, now I am going to tell you about a software by which we can convert a .jar file to .exe for windows user.

Before starting this we must read these two posts carefully.

Click here

We will use Jar to exe convert wizard 1.8 to convert  our jar files to exe.


Step 1 : Install the software and run the wizard.

Step 2:  Browse project.jar and press next.

Step 3: Select Console application or Windows gui application

Step 4: Select the Main class from where the software will start and keep “select a picture for splash window” blank.

Step 5: enable Support System tray and disable all others disable. [or, you can change as your requirements.]

Step 6: Add others Jars you have used like mysql-connector.jar . Usually these are on project/dist/lib/ if you are using Netbeans IDE. 

Step 6:  press Next and Finish.

Step 7 : We got the converted exe file of our jar file.


Thanks for reading this post.